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Bigstock currently have this great image of an Australian Ostrich available as a free download. Not only is it a nice wildlife photo but I can see all sorts of potential conceptual uses for this with the way the bird is looking out into the distance as if searching for something.

Grab it while it's there at Bigstock
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Free time concept image

Be quick to grab this image. It is available free from for the next three days only!Click here to download for free.

A warning on using photos without consent

Bottom line; you cannot just grab images from search results and assume it is ok to use them on your blogs. Every image is the copyright of it's creator and unless they have licensed the image to you or made it available under creative commons using it is infringing their copyright. Given all the tips this blog provides on where to find great images that are free to use there really isn't any need to ignore copyright. Have a read here of this blogger's experience when they'd been careless about using images without regard to copyright.

free stock photos subscription

I know several readers have already enjoyed the great free trial subscription at Depositphotos. If you haven't done so already and you could use some free high quality stock photos you should head over there now!

 If you have already had you dose of free photos goodness from Depositphotos worry not! I've found another site offering a very similar week long free subscription allowing you to download 35 images for free.

IngImage is a tightly edited premium royalty free collection offering outstanding quality images at micro crowd sourced prices! They currently have a free trial subscription that will allow you to download up to five images a day absolutely free for a week. Bargain!

Why not have a look what they have to offer right now with the search below;

free stock photo of door to unkown

Here's a great free image available A really cool simple shot of the door into the unkown! All sorts of creative conceptual possibilities for this one and plenty of copy space too!